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Chris Ord is a trail running all-rounder: editor of Australasia’s trail running lifestyle magazine, Trail Run Mag, adventure running tour operator and owner of Tour de Trails , trail running race director (Surf Coast Trail Marathon, Tassie Trail Fest, Australian Adventure Festival, Oscars 100 Hut2Hut, GoldRush Trail Run and Afterglow Night Trail Run), adventure tourism development consultant and director of Adventure Types, and trail running film maker, journalist and photographer.

Chris has led trail tours and expeditions across mountain deserts, through remote alpine wilderness and through the high Himalayas, including having already run half of the Bhutanese Snowman Route, along which this FKT expedition journeys.

He has also produced trail running videos for the likes of The North Face(100 Reasons – Running The North Face 100), produced a TV pilot for an adventure running concept called Run The Planet, and filmed on trail for clients in locations as diverse as China/Tibet and the Red Center trails of Australia’s Northern Territory.

Experienced on trails as he may be, what Chris is not, is an elite level, competitive trail runner. For him, it’s all about enjoying running wild, at any pace, through stunning parts of the world. And perhaps enjoying a shiraz come the end of the trail.