Baby wild koala Clancy left his mum Pat, as all young males do, to find a home of his own.  But all the good homes in the You Yangs forest were already taken older, stronger males.
Luckily for Clancy, ecotour operator and social enterprise Echidna Walkabout Nature Tours decided to make him a home.  On their tours and Koala Conservation Days, travellers and locals help make him a home.

“International travellers and locals are so moved by seeing koalas IN THE WILD that they want to help protect them” says Janine Duffy, Koala Researcher, Echidna Walkabout. “We offer them the chance to pull some Boneseed weeds, thus making more habitat suitable for koalas like Clancy”.

Boneseed is an invasive weed that has taken over large areas in the You Yangs Regional Park, where Clancy lives. Thick infestations of Boneseed degrade koala habitat. Janine says “In our 9 years of research in the You Yangs we have noticed that Koalas don’t use areas heavily infested with Boneseed”

Since 2011 Echidna Walkabout and guests have been removing weeds from Clancy’s home range. “Our aim was to clear 5,000 weeds in the first year so that Clancy could live safely without having to fight for space” says Janine. “What we didn’t expect was such tremendous enthusiasm from our guests. We cleared Clancy’s home 4 months ahead of schedule, and we’re now working on making homes for his neighbours, his girlfriend and all his koala community!

Participants on tours and Koala Conservation Days are currently removing around 90,000 Boneseed plants every year. That makes 90 hectares of forest habitat available for koalas to use.

Since commencing the Make a Home for Koala Clancy project our wild koala sightings in the area have gone up 370%.  It is working! 

We will make a donation to Koala Project for each runner that participates.

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